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Top 4 Ways A Workplace Health and Safety Consultant Can Help Your Business

As a business owner, finding a professional work health and safety consultant is just one of many things you must worry about, however, this should be your number one priority. For your business to be compliant with workplace health and safety standards, there are a range of practices you must have in place. For example, providing information and training for potentially hazardous activities, ensuring that first aid is readily available for injured or sick employees and implementing emergency plans, among many others. Learn more about your work health and safety obligations here.

So, you have an understanding of your health and safety obligations as a business owner. Why not take care of your WHS yourself? Well, there are huge benefits to calling in a health and safety expert who has years of experience behind them and understands safety legislation backwards and forwards, but here are our top four:

#1 – Compliance with WHS Legislation

A professional work health and safety consultant will ensure that all your bases are covered and that nothing has been missed.

#2 Keeping Workers Safe from Workplace Illness & Injury

At the end of the day, WHS regulations are there to keep your employees safe and healthy, avoiding time consuming and expensive lawsuits as well as maintaining a productive and happy work environment. A workplace health and safety consultant is able to provide professional, realistic advice to help you achieve this.

#3 Improving the Reputation of Your Company as A Safety Leader

In today’s society, the media is a heavy influence on most people’s thoughts and decisions. Huge companies like Apple, McDonald’s and H&M have had their reputations smeared by the media as a result of their lock of compliance with work health and safety legislation. In terms of WHS, it’s better to be quietly respected as a business that values their employees, rather than be a household name for poor health and safety practices.

#4 Improving Productivity & Profitability

Implementing a streamlined safety management system under the guidance of a WHS expert is a sure-fire way to increase productivity and, as a result, profitability. An employee working in a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace will undoubtedly be more productive than an employee who must take frequent days off because they became ill or injured at work.

If you would like to learn more about how a health and safety consultant can help your business, contact our expert team today via phone or email. We’re available 7 days and travel across Australia to help businesses of all sizes and industries establish, maintain and improve their workplace health and safety.

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