In a business environment, a safety management system is a framework put in place to prevent accidents and injuries within the workplace. A safety management system can be tailored to the size and organisational complexity of the business putting it in place and should take into consideration the optimal ways to manage safety as well as policies, procedures and accountability.

In order to comply with Queensland Work Health and Safety legislation, businesses must have an adequate Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) in place. This means not only having the appropriate Policies and Procedures, but also ensuring that the system is a ‘living and breathing’ system (tools and templates associated with Procedures are being used, workers are engaged in the process and there is a cycle of continual improvement).

Whether your business has a mature, immature or non-existent WHSMS, Tony Lane Consulting can develop Policies, Procedures, Tools and Templates to help improve safety management in your business.

Having a strong WHSMS that is fully integrated into your business is also a great way to increase productivity and business performance.

Our Consultants have experience in developing WHSMS for small, medium and large organisations in both the public and private sectors. We develop systems that are compliant with current WHS legislation as well as maintaining currency with relevant Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

For more information on your safety management system, call us today to see how we can assist in improving your organisation’s safety performance.

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