Ergonomics Consulting

It’s a fairly logical conclusion that uncomfortable employees aren’t productive. It’s important to ensure, particularly in an office environment, that your employees are not experiencing discomfort or injury as a result of work demands. Another factor to consider in terms of workplace ergonomics is the return to work of previously injured employees and ensuring their needs are met. Tony Lane Consulting can provide thorough workplace ergonomic assessments and solutions throughout Australia 7 days.

Tony Lane Consulting is well positioned to provide advice, assessment and training in the areas of office and industrial ergonomics, manual handling and patient handling. Tony worked in the public health sector for 15 years as both a Physiotherapist and Work Health and Safety Practitioner (Ergonomics Advisor).

Queensland WorkCover statistics reveal that over 50% of Workers Compensation claims are related to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).  In our experience as many as one in three office workers will experience pain and discomfort as a result of poor workstation setup.

Tony Lane can provide your business with tailored ergonomic programs including individual assessments, group education sessions and specialist advice to workers returning from injury.

Additionally, Tony Lane Consulting can provide manual handling assessment and training to all sectors of the workforce including retail, industrial, healthcare and construction.

Looking for a full work health and safety consultation for your business? Contact Tony Lane Consulting for more information on how we can assist your business.