Cooling Tower Risk Management Consultants

If your property has cooling towers as part of the building’s air handling system or as part of an industrial process, you are required under legislation to manage the risks associated with potential legionella contamination. Cooling Towers that are not appropriately maintained can allow legionella bacteria to grow and release of this organism into the air can result in workers or members of the public contracting Legionaires disease. This disease typically presents as pneumonia and symptoms may include a high fever, chills, cough, muscle aches, headaches, and diarrhea.

Work Health and Safety Queensland provide guidance on the appropriate management of cooling towers to reduce the risk of legionella growth. Additionally, Australian Standards provide guidelines for installation, maintenance and testing of cooling Towers.

Tony Lane Consulting can conduct a risk assessment of your cooling tower system/s and provide a Cooling Tower Risk Management Plan (CTRMP). Tony Lane Consulting utilise Australia’s strictest guidance document, the Victorian Government publication: Guide to Developing Risk Management Plans for Cooling Tower Systems. In assessing your system, Tony Lane Consulting will consider the following 5 risk factors:

  • Stagnant Water
  • Nutrient Growth
  • Poor Water Quality
  • Deficiencies in the cooling tower systems; and
  • Location and access

A CTRMP will be developed that includes the findings of the assessment, recommendations for additional controls and a maintenance program.

If you are in control of cooling towers in your organisation and are looking for a fast and reliable WHS consultation, contact Tony Lane Consulting today to arrange a quote.